Ken Silver


I worked my way through law school as a fashion designer, was admitted to the Bar, but continued to work as a clothing designer, fabric designer and colorist. After launching Tribes, a very successful collection of contemporary sportswear, I was recruited by a large Canadian construction conglomerate to design and build a chain of clothing stores in Canada, B.J. Larken, which featured clothing exclusively designed by me. The chain was eventually sold, and I returned to the States with a wife, three kids and lots of camera equipment.

The element of newness and freshness is what I love most about photography which, in the scheme of things, is an art form still in its infancy. I was a maverick in the world of fashion, hence the allure of photography, where there is simply no right or wrong. Be that as it may, my work is painstakingly formal, which still sets me apart from most of my contemporaries - only this time, I am the traditional one. Though photography has been liberated from the rigid standards of technical perfection, accepting though it is of the absence of technique, I confess to being a perfectionist. Then there is the question of subject matter. While shedding light on the overlooked, the offbeat, the commonplace and the banal might best describe the prevailing view of what we often think of as "photographic seeing," I choose to scan the horizon in search of the exceptional, the threatened, the noble and the heroic. Much as I love black and white (not to mention my lifelong love affair with classical black and white cinema), I personally work best in color. And after a lifetime in design, meticulously organizing my material, anything less than good composition would not be me.

My passions run deep, but on the lighter side, nothing beats a day on the trail with my two dogs, my wife, or my three kids (not all at once and not necessarily in that order).